Farmer protecting family has guns confiscated


A farmer who confronted a knife-wielding intruder entering his family home with a rifle has had his guns confiscated by police.

By Yahoo7 News
25th September, 2017

A farmer who confronted a knife-wielding intruder entering his family home with a rifle has had his guns confiscated by police.

David Dunstan used an unloaded rifle to stop the man entering his home as his three children lay sleeping inside.

He claims he’s being punished for protecting his family.

It was 3am when Mr Dunstan noticed the man on his property Bungowannah property in the New South Wales Riverina region.

“I sort of notice in his one hand he had a knife and I thought ‘ooh’,” he said.

Mr Dunstan uses a rifle for vermin control and armed with it, unloaded, he convinced the young man, possibly affected by ice, to surrender before driving him to Albury Police.

Their reaction has left the family stunned.

Mr Dunstan’s wife Andrea said the majority of Australians “think we should be able to protect our loved ones in our own homes”.

His .22 calibre rifle and two other guns were confiscated. He says he doesn’t know what else he could have done.
The threat was real.

Earlier that same night, the alleged intruder appeared at a nearby property outside a child’s bedroom window before smashing a kitchen window and being chased off by the owner armed with a hockey stick.

Liberal Democrats Senator David Leyonhjelm said Mr Dunstan was protecting his family and “did what any normal father would do”.


Police say the best course of action is to call Triple-0.

Mr Dunstan said he has no ill-will toward police just frustration at the system he believes is favouring criminals and minorities.

“You go and break into someone’s house you can be expected to either get arrested, shot or you could be maybe killed,” he said.

“And until that happens this sort of stuff keeps going on.”

The alleged intruder was denied bail and is due in court next month.

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    commented on Farmer protecting family has guns confiscated 2017-09-27 08:55:46 +1000
    About time to stand up and be counted, no way anyone who tried to break in to my house would be able to walk away unaided and damn the consequences.
    commented on Farmer protecting family has guns confiscated 2017-09-26 20:59:09 +1000
    Regional people are again being punished for living well away from all the organisations eg police fire ambulance. The law makers live in a bubble and have no idea of the time it takes for emergency services to attend to incidents in rural areas. No this chap made one mistake he did not load his weapon. Now I am not repeat NOT suggesting he shot this person. This would have compounded the problem and to have to live with taking another life is not a good outcome. However if you confront a criminal who is armed and he calls your bluff then you risk you life and that of your family.
    In this case and taking the facts as read the police have made a monumental breach of their duty they are set with the duty to protect all now this chap did all in his power to apprehend an offender by disarming him and taking him to police.
    To punish the farmer is stupid and is just another incident that is loosing the respect and confidence in the police force. If you live in the city 000 may be an option but you may be dead before the police get around to your call for help.